Switch to Nikon: worth it?

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Re: I shoot with both Canon and Nikon.

It is an expensive habit, but not so bad if I avoid too much duplication in the lenses, and avoid the temptation to upgrade bodies too often. I started the dual-brand habit by using Nikkor lenses on my Canon bodies, with a Novoflex adapter, then acquired Nikon bodies. There are lenses I like for each system, and since I prioritize good lenses, having bodies for both systems seems sensible.

In the future, I may concentrate on cropped-frame Canons for wildlife and sports, and Nikon full-frame DSLR and 35mm film. This is not, however, set in stone.

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I wear a badge and pistol, and, primarily with 7D cameras, shoot evidentiary images at night, which incorporates elements of portrait, macro, still life, landscape, architecture, PJ, and occasional action.

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