Is there a way to get clean JPGs in camera?

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Re: Is there a way to get clean JPGs in camera?

jrtrent wrote:

From past posts it appears you've had this camera since December of 2011; have you continued to use your SX20IS for most of your still shots? How do you find those two cameras compare for JPEG results?

I sitll use the SX20 around the house and after critically assessing the Panny for the color blotching in the skin tones I did notice it a bit in the Canon, but I think that perhaps the Canon JPEG engine is a bit better because that's all it has. Perhaps Panny expects that people serious about images will use RAW and did not put as much effort into making the JPEG engine as good as it could be.

But in terms of capturing the kids' antics, the SX20 is dog slow. With a frame rate of 1 frame every second or so at ISO 100, and half that fast at ISO 400- even with an external flash. The Panny is just so fast in comparison, and the shallower DoF yields nicer pictures. But the disappointing JPGs is what sends me back to the Canon for simple "look at what he's doing now" shots that I really don't want to have to run through a RAW process in post every single time.

I'll shoot a lot, and then cull about 50%-80% of the images out. Bt loading RAWs is a few seconds per image, compared to JPGs which I can tap through and delete so much faster, so RAW on the back end is a real PITA for my family image workflow.

For professional photography, I can definitely see the value, and the time should be put in to the images. But I'm talking my kids playing with the bubble machine in the back yard. I'd rather not expect an hour or more of post just to have images I can keep.

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