Cell phones not taking over?

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Sonyshine wrote:

The Nokia 41mp does have a clever zoom system built in , it crops to zoom so to speak - better than it sounds!

The math doesn't work. Zooming in 2x reduces pixel count by 4x. Zooming in 20x, like with my wife's camera, reduces pixel count by 400x. How's that 0.1MP looking to you?

or most of the time you can take a few steps closer.

On Sunday, we were at the lake, and moving a few steps closer would have meant walking on water.

...except i said 'most of the time' not 'all of the time'. i guess you missed that.

most people can live without a 20x zoom. in fact most people have never owned one.

Most people can live with a cell phone, because most people don't care about photography.

well that is pretty elitist. most people with smartphones do use the camera, and millions post images to social media. above you said, 'Who cares what non-enthsiasts use?' so it it is pretty clear you claim smartphones are not real cameras and these people are incapable of photography...unlike you who is an enthusiast.  

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