cheaper macro lens instead of $1000 Nikon

Started Jul 16, 2013 | Questions thread
bradtort Regular Member • Posts: 196
Re: cheaper macro lens instead of $1000 Nikon

I recently replaced my Sigma 105 macro lens (purchased in 2005 - No VR) with a Tamron 90 with VC.   I paid $749 + tax, but will get a $100 rebate in the mail.

Below are uncropped images of the same hover fly using the Tamron.   Close and too close.  I think the second one suffers from loss of sharpness (and that blown out wing), but shows what can be achieved hand-held with VC and a high shutter speed.   For some reason the EXIF data is lost but I recall it was about ISO 800, F 11 and 1/500th.

How much of a part VC played, I don't know.  My experience with the Sigma would tell me I couldn't get this close and this sharp with that lens.

The Tamron seems a little sharper and has better color and contrast than the Sigma.

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