Tripod use and IBIS

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Re: Tripod use and IBIS

Bob Tullis wrote:

Take a 1/2s exposure. IBIS enabled with hand-held is continually looking to correct slight movements. On a tripod it's doing the same, but it isn't intelligent enough to know whether you are having a moment of stability or it's on a rock-solid platform, so it can over-compensate when there is no movement to adjust. More so the longer the exposure.

Thanks for the explanation Bob.
Is it because of the type of movement that this problem can occur? What I mean is that movement due to handheld exposures would consist of slight random movements, whereas tripod vibrations in wind (for example) would more likely be higher-frequency uni-directional shaking?

I admit I don't understand the technicalities behind the IS mechanism, but I'd have thought the way IS works is that it reacts (very quickly) to counter any movement that it detects (as opposed to trying to predict movement that hasn't yet occurred).

And if that's the case (and apologies if this is a dumb question) then why would a completely static platform cause IS to make adjustments if it hasn't detected any movement?

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