Debating between the RX100 and Nikon 1 or Micro 4/3

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Re: Debating between the RX100 and Nikon 1 or Micro 4/3

Went to see the cameras at the store.  As usual the batteries were not charged so i can't use any of them.  How do they expect to sell cameras?

I have a few questions:

Will the RX100 I price drop when the II is released?  If so I think I could get by with the I.

Panasonic has a mode where it gives you more zoom by cropping.  Does the sony have this?  I know it has CIZ which seems ok but if I want a 10MP image would it crop the 20MP down to 10 before adding pixels?  Or does it add pixels first?

Can someone post a hi-constrast hi-sharpening B&W image straight from camera?

My thinking is that the 10-100 lens on the J3 or V2 makes it quite big.  which is ok, but I have to decide if I want a truly pocketable camera or one that will hang from my neck.  I'm undecided on that.  And since both use the same size sensor.. why bother with extra lenses, weight, etc.  so I'm leaning towards the sony RX100 now.

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