frequently do you guys use them?

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More on hoods...

Mark B. wrote:

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Daisy AU wrote:

In my case, I have screw on lens hoods that match some of my filters, so that when using step-down rings I can still use a hood.

Daisy, Screw-on hoods is something I have been meaning to look into. But thus I haven't had any problems with just snapping the hood on after adjusting the CPL. I know OP who have the screw-on hoods and it sounds like a time-saver.


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Screw-on hoods won't necessarily have the correct shape & size to properly protect the lens from flare.  If they're the soft rubber collapsible type, they won't protect from a bump or fall.

Quite so. Also.....

Oversize lens hoods, big enough to fit over the larger filter, will not be so efficient as the normal hood, unless they are also proportionately DEEPER. Be aware that it is particularly important to have an efficient hood when using any filter, because of the increased risk of flare.

It is also as well to note that the most efficient hoods mask the incoming light close to the image frame, and therefore show a rectangular 'window' to the lens, (example: petal type hoods)...

....  and this type of hood must therefore not ROTATE in use, for instance, on the pola filter.

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