Nikon Capture NX2 + D800 - help!!!

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Ernie Misner
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Re: Nikon Capture NX2 + D800 - help!!!

I can tell you (cropping issue) that I have had various bugs with NX2 and although the recent versions are MUCH better I still had some strange things like that until I downloaded the most recent version and then everything was fixed. so you might uninstall it and then reinstall if the cropping issue persists. The sharpening works great for me so try setting your picture control (in camera) sharpening to default, very low setting. Then when the raw files open in NX2 they do look a bit flat but that is okay. Now for a tip, don't sharpen the whole thing, hardly ever.  (sharpening sky or shadows will sharpen noise in those areas) Use a totally soft edge brush and with it select just the subject areas or where you want the viewer's eye to go to, and sharpen selectively in those areas. The contol points are great also. Use the generic one with the +and -, then ALL of the edits will be applied only to the area that CP selects. Very slick. Another fun tip is to get Nik's Cool Efex Pro 3 that works as a plug in right inside of NX2. It becomes part of the Edit List. This is not to be necessarily used as gimmics, but as very useful tools..... and fun to boot. PM me if you want.   And remember, when you begin doing selective editing with the brush or a CP, literally all of the edits available in the list plus the Nik plug in can be used this way.   I almost always just leave the brush at full soft setting and vary the size with the { + } keys.

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