Cell phones not taking over?

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Re: Cell phones not taking over?

Let's be wary to ignore comparisons to DSLR's and Bridge cameras. I believe the OP is mostly talking about compact P&S with typically 3x to 5x zoom that are sold cheaply as being the victim of the improved smartphone cameras.

The Lumia 1020 has a sensor larger than many premium compacts and as we all know (or should know), more pixels != more noise or worse dynamic range etc. In simple terms, in this day and age of gapless microlenses, sensor image quality mostly comes down to amount of light captured and the efficiency of the sensor itself - and in the case of fixed lens cameras, the quality of lens plays a role as well.

Comparisons to the 808 camera having a slightly larger sensor are not as straightforward as that sensor is front side illuminated (the 1020 being BSI) so even though you have a larger area, the two sensors should produce similar noise/dynamic range. The 1020 also compensates with a faster lens which they claim to have improved the corner sharpness once again.

Take a look at some of the samples to see that a cheap lens does not mean a lens that is riddled with blurred details. It actually is very good.

I'd also wait on actual production samples to assess white balance as I am hearing it has been improved over the 920/925/928 series. I believe the 900 series was limited by the chipset they used, as the 1020 also relies on silicon to process the images as well as tweaking the chipset to suit, it is very possible the white balance issues may have improved quite a bit.

As always, the right tool for the right job. I'm not selling my cameras, but I'm using my smartphone a lot more now that I have the Lumia 920 as compared to my previous smartphones.

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