Cell phones not taking over?

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Re: Cell phones not taking over?

opusone wrote:

A few months back I was stoned and barbecued for suggesting that camera phones might be heading to replacing even DSLRs.

Enter Nokia's 41 MP with 6 Zeiss lenses. How long could it be now? http://conversations.nokia.com/2013/07/11/professional-camera-power-to-the-people-with-nokia-pro-camera/

Of course I will still be stoned and roasted again for posting this. But isn't everyone torn to shreds for posting most anything in these forums? Which is why I rarely post and even more rarely return to read responses.

I'm just sayin'...the future is almost NOW.

I'm a fan of cell phones and mobile photography.  But I think it is a mistake to view the cell phone as a replacement for anything because it really does carve out some new territory for photography that is simply different from P&S, bridge, or dslr style cams.

There are overlaps, of course, and for some those overlaps are sufficient compelling that the cell phone is a viable substitute. The collapse of the P&S market is evidence of that.

But even if you have your D800 slung around your neck at the moment, if you want to take a quick shot and share instantly with someone else (honey, I'm at the store -- is this the dog crate that you wanted me to buy?) -- the cell phone will beat your D800 hands down.

Suppose you're in a classroom, the prof has just outlined a long derivation that's not in the textbook, but is certain to be on a test.  Are you going to go back to your home and get the dslr, or are you going to pull out your phone?

Use a cell phone camera for what it does best.  Use a dslr for what it does best.  Shoot, be happy.

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