Nikon Capture NX2 + D800 - help!!!

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Re: Nikon Capture NX2 + D800 - help!!!

RichCutler wrote:

Thanks for the tips, folks. Always a learning curve coming from different software!

Lots of moaning about the interface on the web, but it's fine - no better or worse than other Raw converters: they all have their quirks, good and bad!

Have discovered two things already though:

  1. Sharpening is on by default, and is crude and horribly aggressive - even level 1 creates halos! I'll do my sharpening in Photoshop as usual!
  2. Resampling is also on by default, so cropped images are resized to set dimensions. Again, no thanks!

Is there anything else I should generally select/deselect, or otherwise note?

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Rich, if you are going to use the software, you might profit from checking out some of the tutorials or references others have offered. It seems like you are misunderstanding the software in numerous ways.

Sharpening in the Develop section comes from your in-camera picture control settings, which NX2 respects. This is not an NX2 default, it's your camera settings.

Cropping does not resample, at least when I use it. Maybe you are using the Fit photo or Size / Resolution commands?

Otherwise note: When working on a raw file, Exposure Compensation in Quick Fix works on the full 14-bit RAW data (so I'm told). So use Quick fix to make your global exposure adjustments, where you have more data to work from than you will have in later steps.

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