Cell phones not taking over?

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41mp on a cell phone is like putting a garbage disposal on a car. It's an all but useless combination.

Zeiss is a respected name, but 41mp through a $25 lens... unless they have come up with a major leap in lens technology that hasn't been announced, IQ even before a crop won't be good, and a crop will just magnify the flaws.

Just when the move from paper to electronic display means you need maybe 6mp to fill up a 60" high def TV, too.

DOF control will be nonexistant. Who needs portrait shots, anyway?

DR? Let's see if DxO can come up with a number low enough to measure this puppy.

Oh, and sending that image? Cell phone bandwith is already pricey. Push a few ugly 41mp images through that, and watch your data charges go through the roof. You could downres them, but then why do you need 41mp?

This is a desperate move by a fading cell phone maker. I seriously doubt that the buying public is going to abandon the wealth of iOS and Android software, and put up with Windows Phone 8, to get 41mp with one fixed low priced lens, low DR, high noise, no VF, no flash options...

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