The Amazing D200.

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Re: Beautiful image…which lens? (no text)

Agreed completely about rubbish in rubbish out.

The D7100 is an amazing tool.  I understand people's complaints about buffer capacity although I've yet to come across a situation where I found it hindered my shooting after just a slight modification to my shooting style (essentially shooting in bursts instead of a more "spray and pray" approach as the buffer, despite it's  size, clears incredibly fast).  But, if you stop for a moment and look at what the D7100 brings to the table, compared to what we had just a generation or two ago, it's absolutely amazing.  I often find myself thinking, when reading people's complaints about it, that it's abilities probably exceed the abilities of 99% of the photographers using it, myself included.  Hell, the D200 exceeds most photographers abilities (myself included) and that's kind of why I got involved in this thread.  I've recommended the D200 to quite a few upgrading photographers looking to upgrade from a Dxx series body.  When you think about the quality and capability you get from the D200 for just a few hundred dollars anymore it's difficult not to recommend.

The D200 is a significantly better camera IMHO than it receives credit for.  It was produced/released in a period where everyone was dwelling on low light ability and it was easy to overlook what the D200 does well by focusing on what it does poorly.  Shooting in low light...for me, shooting pro level sports under stadium not an area where the D200 excels so in those cases I shoot the D7100.  During daylight games it depends primarily on where I am shooting from, and what glass I'm shooting.  The 1.3x crop of the D7100 is surprisingly useful in both frame rage and additional range.  Even in standard DX mode, the MP count is very useful for cropping images.  That said, if I am in a position that I have enough reach with the glass I have, and don't need the frame rate (some professional level pitchers are INCREDIBLY fast in their delivery), I try to shoot the D200 for it's smoothness and color rendition.

The next day game I'm shooting is the 31st.  I'll try to get some comparison images from both.

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