Why mirrorless over dslr?

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Michael Jardine
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Nikon D800 vs Olympus E-PL5: Apples & Oranges

I use the two cameras for different purposes, with almost no overlap. Here are my uses:

  1. Sports Photography
    - D800 with 300mm f/4 for quality, D7000 with 70-200 f/2.8 for quantity
    - D800 for low light
    - E-PL5 hung around the neck for crowd shots, close-ups, etc
    - All the above gear fits well inside the LowePro Flipside knapsack that also holds computer and carry-on gear.
  2. Road Tips in the Car
    - Both. D800 will give better crops because its 36mp is so massive.
  3. Portraits
    - Tie. E-PL5 with 45f/1.8 and 75 f/1.8 is pulling ahead, at least until I get that 85mm f/1.8 for the Nikons.
  4. Travel
    - Sorry, no contest. I leave the heavy stuff at home. My "travel gear" consists of a tiny LowePro soft case that barely holds the E-PL5 with 20mm and 45mm lenses. I use the neck straps of both the camera and the bag. The strap of the bag is draped under my right arm so I can easily flip the bag out of the way. The strap of the camera independently use the camera in 'Rolliflex mode'. Having a minimal strap around each allows me to use the bag and camera independently of each other.  Oh. And the 75mm f/1.8 "monster" sits in a tiny neoprene pouch on my waist.

Okay, I guess I'd better illustrate that 'travel' system since I'm so fond of it. Also great excuse to show off my 20, 45 and 75 lenses. And of course the iPhone camera!

Shooting "Rollifelex mode" looking down at the flipped up screen. Adds great stability.  Camera case (with 45mm lens) is safely off to the side.

75mm fits nicely in this neoprene case on the waist.  Much easier than hauling a larger bag for the camera + 3 lenses.

I just love this case and i don't even work for Lowepro. Soft but protective, functional but fashionable. It's even 'green' (whatever that means, these days).

How the 'system' looks when it's flung behind my back. Unobtrusive, protected from the elements, secure.

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