Debating between the RX100 and Nikon 1 or Micro 4/3

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Re: Debating between the RX100 and Nikon 1 or Micro 4/3

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bab4 wrote:

Close to the size of your Nikon? You should should try out that comparometer tool on The E-PM2 is really tiny compared to any dslr. It's almost the size of the RX100 if you're talking about the body only. With a pancake lens like the 20mm it's not too much bigger than your old LX3. If you're happy enough with those 45mm shots you can probably ditch the D300. BTW those shots on Robin's blog were taken with the old E-P2 that has the old Olympus sensor. The new sensor on the E-PM2 is the same as the OMD's which is from Sony and will do even better than those sample shots in Robin's blog.

As tiny as MFT is compare to D300, it is not a "take everywhere everytime" camera. The RX100 is much closer because it is pocketable (I mean with standard pockets).

That's true.. that's why I have both an OMD and RX100.  Fits right in my jacket pocket.

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