Panasonic TZ30 and TZ40 (ZS20 and ZS30)

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Re: Panasonic TZ30 and TZ40 (ZS20 and ZS30)

windmillgolfer wrote:

Thanks Ian, interesting info. Most reports here, so far, suggest that the IQ of the TZ40 is on a par with the TZ30. Surprising given the extra MPs. Maybe the IQ has been maintained by applying more PP in camera and hence, possibly, the inter-shot delay you perceive.

I too have the TZ30, which IMO is an excellent all rounder, to carry just in case, and great travel partner for an LX5 (since they can share the LX5's charger). I am interested in the wifi connectivity for the remote operation. I have the LX5 and FZ150. I'm assuming that most of the future Panasonics will have the wifi connectivity. So, I await with interest announcements on the FZ250 and LX9, hopefully in the next few weeks

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Also at
Mr Ichiro Kitao, please upgrade the FZ50

I'd say the IQ of the TZ30 and TZ40 are equivalent at ISO 100.   I could not testify to other's reports of better IQ for the TZ40 at ISO 100.   However, I feel the TZ40 is slightly slower and slightly less distinct at higher ISO with the TZ40 'delay' (can someone else do a comparison?) probably due to greater post-processing.   I saw a status bar on the screen in moderately low light that I'd not seen on the TZ30, plus the TZ40 seemed slightly more prone to motion blur.   The aforementioned 15s slower shutter time as opposed to 4s on the TZ40 is to me an extra minor issue.

As regrads the connectivity, I tried to use the NFC connectivity to attach to my Samsung Galaxy SIII  Mini mobile phone as instructed by placing both close together.   It was a little hit and miss`to say the least and I found it a while to establish a close connection by which I could transfer photographs.   However, the Panasonic Android app does look interesting as a limited remote control for teh camera - if I could rely on the connection being maintained.

To summaraise, I think the TZ30 is a slightly better camera.   The connectivity could be a winner for the TZ40 if I could rely upon it.   That said, I could transfer to my mobile phone via use of a mini-sD card (in adaptor in camera, directly inserted on mobile phone).

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