Firefox 21 slow startup,

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Re: Firefox 21 slow startup,

CAcreeks wrote:

Was Firefox 21 extraordinarily slow to start up? Sometimes it seemed to take minutes, although I never timed it.

All my computers and virtual machines are converted to FF 22 now, which seems to start up faster. Twelve seconds today.

Mozilla knows it is an issue and has this support article:
Firefox takes a long time to start up

AdBlockPlus supposedly adds 21% to startup time, but that seems like a small penalty to pay considering its functionality. Are there any similar plugins that do the same thing, faster? Searching shows Adblock Edge, Simple Adblock, Adblock Lite, etc.

Perhaps I will dump some of my other add-ons.

I use NoScript rather than AdBlock but it requires a bit more intervention.  You can temporarily disable add-ons and see what happens, or load in Safe Mode, or load with a new fresh profile to help you test.  Can't say I noticed any major difference between 21 and 22.

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