A leap of faith.

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Great find!

I am afraid that I had to pay the full price which was when there seemed little doubt about the long term viability of the E-system. Anyway, I think that the 90-250 is the ideal safari lens for your region. Sometimes I wished that I had bought the 300/2.8, but the 90-250 is more versatile. Sometimes a big bird flies in really close, so zooming in has its advantages. I have also used the E5/90-250 with the 1.4 tele; but the 2.0 seems soft. I always use this lens with a sturdy tripod, reserving the 20-200 or the mu 75-300 with the OMD.  So my bases are generally covered. To carry this big lens, I turn the tripod mount 180 degrees to the top side...you might try that.

I also haven't had much time for photography lately. I am busy farming plus the two books that have been my focus for several years are coming to an end. I am going the e-book route which allows me to drop many photos and slide shows into the written works. Most photos are considerably downsized from the original, so even the 12 mp Oly sensor is way more than adequate.

None-the-less, I am looking forward to a new sensor for low light photography. I have a considerable SHG investment (four lenses from 7-250 mm) so I share the anxiety of what next.  Do you think that we will have a new sensor that can focus our big lenses?

Good luck with your new toy...it is a superb lens!  Jeff Hart

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