Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

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Re: Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

I'm adding nothing new here - just regurgitating.

The best camera is the one you have with you when you need one. For most, that's a smartphone - and for the vast majority of them its IQ is good enough. By "Good enough", I mean they won't be bothered with the expense and bulk of carrying two devices for the marginal [to them] improvement in IQ. Who really needs an 18MP whizzbang camera for sharing photos on Instagram and facebook or their 2MP HDTV? Plus the smartphone allows for instant sharing and integration with other apps.

Wifi-enabled cameras are now available, as are cameras that support apps. But they pale in comparison to the integration offered by a smartphone with apps and a web browser. Plus the smartphone can do an unlimited number of other things that a camera currently can't. And for most, they do it better.

Now add that:

  1. Most everybody has transitioned to digital
  2. Most have also upgraded since losing their digital virginity and now have a decent camera model and sensor
  3. Sensor improvements have slowed dramatically
  4. And thus, the bubble has burst

And we have the one-two punch that the camera makers are feeling.

Mirrorless makers also have the "DSLRs are better" mindset to overcome and haven't figured out how. (Lack of marketing doesn't help.) It's an uphill battle when your new little "toys" cost as much or more than what are perceived to be comparable DSLRs with more established names going back to the film days. Yes, I know Olympus made SLRs - I had an OM-2n and still own an OM-2s - but they were perceived as a niche player with smaller cameras than the big boys, much like today.

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