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Re: I use Ewa Marine for my DSLR

Pumba12 wrote:

Thanks for the info! I'll check it out for future references, but I have decided that I'm not going ot take my DSLR into the water on this trip. There will be out of water photo opportunites too so I'll want my DSLR ready to go for those. They often find "rowdy groups" which consist of males duking it out. There are a lot of breaches, tail throws, flipper slaps, etc so I don't want to miss that action by having to worry about carefully taking my camera out of the bag and then carefully putting it back in and sealing it up, etc.

So, I'm looking for an underwater camera and I'll be hoping and praying I get some halfway decent shots/video.

I have read that that the Panasonic TS5 that I was looking at has a 60 minute underwater time limit. I'm sensing this is a pretty standard rule as I found the same note on a Nikon. If this is the case, how does this work? If I were to keep my camera under for longer would I need to worry about leaks? How long in between sessions would the camera need to be safe? I think we get a total of about 7 hours a day of possible in water stuff mattering on what whales they find. I'd hate to miss so much action!

I never do video so I cannot comment on the 60 minute rule.  I suspect it is more a battery and memory card limit than anything else.  It is important to remember that every time you open the memory, cable or battery compartment doors you risk getting dirt on the seal and compromising the camera.  One important accessory is a float strap.  I know that when I flipped our kayak in Hawaii the float strap on my SW1030 enabled our guide to rescue it.  Without a float strap all the UW cameras will sink quickly.  I am guessing that the whales are not in water shallow enough to rescue a camera from the seabed.  If the camera you chose does not offer a specific float strap I bet one of the Olympus ones will work.

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