Why many third party lens are rated higher for Canon than Nikon?

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Re: Why many third party lens are rated higher for Canon than Nikon?

kithg wrote:

I have a theory about this and it's one of the reasons I shoot Nikon, rather than Canon. Canon has two basic levels of lenses: inexpensive entry lenses and their very fine, but very expensive L line. There's really no middle there, so many people are driven to third party lenses to fill the gap. They're way better than the Canon kit lenses because typically they offer photographic options not available with a kit lens - they're faster or longer or wider or have broad zoom converage. These folks give the third party lenses rave reviews because to get even close in the Canon system, they'd have to spend several times as much.

Nikon has its own line of sort of mid-priced lenses. (I say this, understanding that they're still not cheap!) You can be pretty happy for a pretty long time with the 70-300VR. Certainly one of the new 80-400s or faster 70-200 f 2.8s might be better, but you can get decent quality photos with the 70-300VR, which has several advantages over the entry level 55-200 that combos with the 18-55 kit lens. The same is true of the 16-85VR and the 18-55 lens. So you're not driven to the third party lenses in the Nikon system as soon in your photographic journey. When you do go to a third party lens, you're comparing it with a generally higher quality Nikon lens for a closer price, so your review as a consumer may not be such a rave.

Interesting theory. Unfortunately it's not true. Canon has as many--if not more--mid-level lenses as does Nikon.


Nikon 70-300 Vr - Canon 70-300 IS (not to be confused with the Canon 70-300 L)

Nikon 16-85 Vr - Canon 15-85 IS and the older Canon 17-85 IS

Nikon 10-24 - Canon 10-22

I could continue, but you get the idea.  Name a mid-tier Nikon lens, and I'll give you a Canon equivalent or close approximation (e.g., Nikon 35mm f/1.8 dx, Canon 35mm f/2 full frame) that will be reasonably close in price.

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