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DtEW wrote:

SushiEater wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

They are password protected as see from my iPhone but I am unable to access this site from my office PC anyway at this moment.

You tried to download RAW files from your Iphone? Seriously?

I am not trying to download thru iPhone but just tried access as the site was blocked in workplace. I found it's password protected.

"The item you are trying to access has either been deleted or is unavailable to you."

Unavailable from home at midnight last night.

Unavailable from work in the morning today.

Somehow I don't find this surprising.

to SushiEater: I just have a simple question and a suggestion for you,

Question: At what ISO the two samples were taken? I have no contest in the game if you shoot at base ISO and push shadows many stops, and I am sure D800 wins easily. But I'd not shoot in this way.

Suggestion: download DPR and IR D800 RAW lab samples of ISO 3200 and ISO 12800 respectively. In LR/ACR, increase exposure bar +2 full stops and export and then compare to ISO 12800 ones, everything leaves as default. If there is no difference or even worse, then it means your method is not good and doesn't make sense. Then we all know 5D3 high ISOs are not worse than D800. So you shoot 5D3 at ISO 12800 that should not be worse than your D800 ISO 3200 and then increase exposures 2 full stops. Is my analysis making sense to you?

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