frequently do you guys use them?

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Re: I use UV filters more-or-less all the time.

Tom Axford wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

Tom Axford wrote:

I belong to the minority who always use filters for protection. I have UV filters almost permanently fitted to all my lenses as a protection. I find it easier to clean the filter than the front element of the lens (although it is better to keep it clean in the first place).

I'm not sure I understand this argument. Whether you're cleaning the filter or the front element, you're still cleaning something. Lens elements are actually tougher than glass filters and will stand up to multiple cleanings better.


UV filters (from a reputable manufacturer) are made out of the same sort of optical glass that is used for lens elements and have the same anti-reflection coatings. In general, I know of no reason to think that one is any softer than the other.

I find the flat filter easier to clean than many front lens elements, which are often curved and recessed more deeply.

However, I also worry less about damaging the filter - it is usually much cheaper to replace a filter than replace a lens.

Never had to replace a lens or had to get one repaired due to front element damage in over 15 years of lens use.  It also depends a lot on where one shoots; I tend not to shoot where there is an abundance of wind, debris, sand, etc.


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