Cell phones not taking over?

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Re: Cell phones not taking over?

opusone wrote:

A few months back I was stoned and barbecued for suggesting that camera phones might be heading to replacing even DSLRs.

You sure you are not "stoned," as on drugs , for suggesting that camera phones are a viable replacment to DSLRS and for the people that chose to use them?

Enter Nokia's 41 MP with 6 Zeiss lenses. How long could it be now? http://conversations.nokia.com/2013/07/11/professional-camera-power-to-the-people-with-nokia-pro-camera/

Of course I will still be stoned and roasted again for posting this. But isn't everyone torn to shreds for posting most anything in these forums? Which is why I rarely post and even more rarely return to read responses.

My friend you shouldn't let anyone deter you from expressing your opinion.

Nokia should be commended for advancing camera and photo quality in phones but the quality of the images, if you examine them closely at 100% are pretty awful, though great compared to other phones.

I'm just sayin'...the future is almost NOW.

Not for a while.

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