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qianp2k wrote:

SushiEater wrote:

Please explain to me this. I told you over and over that I bought D800 for low light photography because I need to underexpose to generate high shutter speed. Yet you are pushing your BIFs. I simply don't care about photography in the good light. Any amateur with fundamental understanding of exposure can shoot in the good light. But anyone can shoot in the low light. You keep repeating like a parrot that you see photogs on tv shooting with Canon because that is what you want to see. I am shooting on the red carpet all the time and I see equal amount of Canon, Nikon. Sometimes I see Sony. Do you also realize that some photogs have agency equipment?

I first time heard only Nikon can shoot in low light or read carpet, LOL.

I never said that, I said there is a mixture of cameras but you only see Canons because that is what you want to see.

But who cares, what is that got to do with underexposing to get higher shutter speed?

That's the puzzle why you believe you pull underexposed photos to get better result?

Buddie, do you have memory lapses? How many times do I have to tell the same thing over and over again? I really hope this is the last time.Or maybe it is a groundhog day where you live.

I don't do it on the red carpet because flash is allowed so no underexposure.

During interviews or video taping flash is not allowed so I underexpose because I want to get higher shutter speed. I bring back exposure because D800 can do it better than 5D3, much better. At correct exposure shutter speed can get as low as 1/15 at F2.8. I need to get minimum of 1/160 and higher for less wasted shots. Do you understand now? How about you print it and every time you want to ask the same question again you just look at the piece of paper.

You can dazzle me with numbers all you want. You can tell me that 5D3 can do everything that D800 can do because you read it somewhere. How about renting D800 yourself for a week and then tell me that 5D3 is superior to D800. And not just tell me but show me!!!! Not going to happen.

Both cameras pretty at the same level, basically nothing only D800 can do but 5D3 cannot over vice versa.

That maybe your wishful thinking but since (by your own admission) you have not used 5D3 that much or never used D800 I think you are wrong.

BTW, both cameras are pretty. They look good on me.

Here is another example I just made for you.

This a basic situation that you can encounter everyday. So don't tell what I could have done.

I just wanted to generate 1/250 shutter without going to extra measures. Simple as that.

All I did is convert from RAW in ACR with all sliders set to zero. That means no noise reduction, no sharpening. I deliberately underexposed about 3 stops. The second set is EC of +3 in ACR and nothing else. I consider this freaking embarrassment for Canon that after so many years they can't get rid of the noise and produce cleaner files even though pixel pitch is so much larger on 5D3.

At what ISO these two photos were taken? If at base ISO, I agreed D800 can push underexposed photos better. In high ISOs, however, different story. But you should not underexpose but expose correctly on your main subject.

How many times do I have to tell you that I don't shoot past 3200?

But first of all you are wrong in your statement and second of all after 3200 I wouldn't care which camera can push what because the picture details is ruined anyway.

And third of all GROUNDHOG DAY.

And here are RAW files for you to play with.

They are password protected as see from my iPhone but I am unable to access this site from my office PC anyway at this moment.

You tried to download RAW files from your Iphone? Seriously?

And frankly I could not give a damn what excuses you will come up with because there are will be nothing but excuses.

Frankly I don't see why you you believe you can generate better photos by underexposing people's face and then push several stops back rather shooting at higher ISO because technically there is no difference.

Well look at the sample below. Very little noise in D800 pushed 3 stops. Lots of noise (and color noise too) and banding in 5D3. This is basically a BASE picture just to show what cameras start with.

You can try to download DPR or IR ISO 3200 D800 raw files, pushed two stops and compare to their ISO 12800 raw files to see if any difference.

Do you really think that after more than a year owning D800e and 4 months owning 5D3 I did not try anything that needs to be tried?

And if you are wondering why I bought 5D3 in the first place (sometimes I wonder myself) I will be using on the red carpet in few days with the 600RT flash. It is actually better suited for the red carpet than D800 because it has orientation focusing so I don't have to fiddle with focusing points.

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