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SushiEater wrote:

Please explain to me this. I told you over and over that I bought D800 for low light photography because I need to underexpose to generate high shutter speed. Yet you are pushing your BIFs. I simply don't care about photography in the good light. Any amateur with fundamental understanding of exposure can shoot in the good light. But anyone can shoot in the low light. You keep repeating like a parrot that you see photogs on tv shooting with Canon because that is what you want to see. I am shooting on the red carpet all the time and I see equal amount of Canon, Nikon. Sometimes I see Sony. Do you also realize that some photogs have agency equipment?

But who cares, what is that got to do with underexposing to get higher shutter speed?

You can dazzle me with numbers all you want. You can tell me that 5D3 can do everything that D800 can do because you read it somewhere. How about renting D800 yourself for a week and then tell me that 5D3 is superior to D800. And not just tell me but show me!!!! Not going to happen.

Here is another example I just made for you.

This a basic situation that you can encounter everyday. So don't tell what I could have done.

I just wanted to generate 1/250 shutter without going to extra measures. Simple as that.

All I did is convert from RAW in ACR with all sliders set to zero. That means no noise reduction, no sharpening. I deliberately underexposed about 3 stops. The second set is EC of +3 in ACR and nothing else. I consider this freaking embarrassment for Canon that after so many years they can't get rid of the noise and produce cleaner files even though pixel pitch is so much larger on 5D3.

And here are RAW files for you to play with.

And frankly I could not give a damn what excuses you will come up with because there are will be nothing but excuses.

Interesting comparison. Perhaps unrelated, but what white balance setting did you use for both?

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