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Re: Six element optics...yes plus....

opusone wrote:

A panoramic lens.

  • Main camera features
    • Main camera - other features: Optical image stabilization, PureView, Backside-illuminated image sensor, 6-lens optics, High resolution zoom 3x
    • Digital camera add-ons: Nokia Smart Camera, Cinemagraph lens, Panorama lens, Bing vision, PhotoBeamer, Creative Studio, Nokia Glam Me, Nokia Pro Camera

Most cameras have similar features for software, sensor, some optical IS, but this is a great combination of features. I can't wait for these to come out on other brands of phones. Nokia kills itself by using the Microsoft OS which I refuse to buy. If it was and Android, I would buy one at my next upgrade cycle.

But how long will it be until interchangeable lenses appear, too? No one thought we'd ever see this much.

But do we really want this? The think that makes a camera phone so desirable is that it is pocketable, We don't want to bring a mirrorless or DSLR with use, now you are contemplating of adding more lenses, I think you hurt what the camera phone is popular for.

When I am looking for a pocket camera I don't want removable lenses, I want a zoom lens that folds back into the camera, which makes it pocketable otherwise it has very little advantage over small DSLR.  All the main features on this camera were easily foreseeable. When the zoom lens automatically portrudes then retracts back into the phone, then I think we will see a big improvement and this is a foreseeable feature, but just say not to interchangeable lenses for camera phones IMHO.

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