Cell phones not taking over?

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But there are not and you are proof of that.

opusone wrote:

Enter Nokia's 41 MP with 6 Zeiss lenses. How long could it be now? http://conversations.nokia.com/2013/07/11/professional-camera-power-to-the-people-with-nokia-pro-camera/

Of course I will still be stoned and roasted again for posting this.

I'm just sayin'...the future is almost NOW.

I reviewed your gallery and your pbase, How would you take the fisheye pictures with a camera phone? or get the dynamic range or even get edge to edge sharpness for landscape.

Also I think you are looking at this from only your perspective. Your photos though many are good lack variety. They are all wide angle and some of them are fisheye which again is wide angle. This is the easiest type of photograph a camera phone can emulate and maybe for you this camera phone will do what you do (except for the fisheye). Your type of photography is more prevalent because it is easier to to do with an inexpensive camera that does wide angle, and because you are producing small low resolution web images you don't have to worry about printing big or corner to corner sharpness. A camera phone like the nokia would probably work perfectly for your type of photography because it is very close to taking snapshots.

It is obvious you do not take sport pictures, you do not take wild life or birds in flight, you do not take portraiture where you are at distance but still need to have narrow depth of field or you need to connect to studio lights, night shots that require a tripod, or macro with 1:1 or greater magnification using extension tubes, so for you, you will say, camera phones will take over the photography industry, and it will for photographers who will be taking snapshots like yourself that are not concerned with printing big and only post images so low resolution, you could use a 3mp camera.

The future is now for snapshot users, never has a low priced phone or camera had such good image quality. When I think of the disposable film cameras and the 110 film format, camera phones and pocket phones exceed that quality by such a long distance it is a great time for snapshot shooters.

As far as number camera phones already exceed the number of cameras. People will buy a new camera phone every 2 years when their contract is up, some even more often than that. Both my Nikon D200 and Canon 7d way older with the 7d being over 3 years old.

I am not stoning you or belittling your opinion, I believe from your perspective, your style of photography is much more easily done on a camera phone because it is much closer to being a snapshot, but your lack of experience shows you have no idea what is needed to take images that require a lot more from a camera which a camera phone cannot do and have a lot further to go to even become close.

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