Cell phones not taking over?

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Re: Cell phones not taking over?

I went to my granddaughters kindergarten graduation recently and about 70 percent of the parents were shootin with cell phones. About 15 percent were shooting with DSLRs and 15 percent with bridge cameras. Point and shoots have disappeared.

Those shooting with cell phones are probably emailing photos to friends and posting on Facebook. They have the camera that they need.

The bridge camera shooters are probably looking for better image quality. Improved cell phones will eat into this market.

The DSLR shooters have varying degrees of understanding that you can do much more than turn the camera on, point and shoot. For instance if you have a flash do not aim straight at the kids but bounce it off the ceiling or a wall. If you have a fast lens you can blur the background. You can set the shutter speed to blur or freeze motion. For those wanting to take control of their pictures the challenge of cell phones is pretty far off. For those with no clue adding the term "professional" to the cell phone may make the sale.


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