Nikon Capture NX2 + D800 - help!!!

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Re: Nikon Capture NX2 + D800 - help!!!

RichCutler wrote:

Thanks, I'll change the options - hopefully it'll fix not only problem 2 but also 1.

Owned Lightroom once - hated it! I used to use Rawshooter (anyone remember it?): Adobe bought it to put its technology in Lightroom, then killed it, but it recompense gave me a Lightroom licence.

Have been using Capture One Pro since version 3.

However, with the Nikon D800E, I prefer the colour from Nikon NX2.

Anyone any tips for someone coming to Capture NX2 for the first time - especially if used to Capture One? Any processing suggestions for the D800E?


I think Jason Odell knows more about NX2 than anyone, at $24.99 it's a bargain, CD or pdf:


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