Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

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Re: Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

Lee Cawley wrote:

Is it just a simple matter of there being more people "taking photos" and less people "being into photography"?

I don't think that there are many more people "into photography" than there were during the film days. P&S owners have always been more interested in capturing a memory than any aspect of photography. (I know because I used to be one.) 110/35mm P&S owners transitioned through P&S digital cameras and are now using their phone. "Auto" mode on most phones work about as good as on most P&S cameras. These people never used an "A" or "S" mode on their digital cameras and don't miss it on their phones.

The other dynamic that I see with my 18 yr old daughter and her friends is the instantaneous manner at which photos are shared through various internet sites like Facebook and Instagram. Their phone allow them to use/share pictures in the way that they want...unlike cameras. To get these people back, a camera manufacturer is going to have to offer something substantially better than a phone AND those features are going to have to be something that these people want. There is simply nothing on the camera market that interests my daughter and her friends. The sales figures reflect what I've seen.

The transition purchases from film to digital created a bubble. Rapid development of sensor technology kept the bubble going because people could see a difference between a new and a 2-year old camera. The bubble is bursting (or busted) and alot of people who are still using cameras aren't looking to upgrade their camera until their current one dies....or some breakthrough technology comes out.  Personally, I think that camera sales in the developed countries will slowly drop off to about what they were during the film days.

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