Nikon Capture NX2 + D800 - help!!!

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Re: Nikon Capture NX2 + D800 - help!!!

j_photo wrote:

RichCutler wrote:

I've just got Capture NX2 but the cropping tool is driving me nuts!

(1) Sometimes it crops accurately following the selected aspect ratio, other times it crops the width way too narrow - so the photo looks more 4 x 5 (width x height) than my selected 4 x 6. Things seem to go wrong after I use the Picture Control settings...

(2) Also, if I crop my photo then change something (like exposure), the crop disappears!

What's happening, and how do I make NX2 respect my crop aspect ratio!?

I doubt it makes any difference, but I use a Nikon D800E.


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For #2, check Edit menu, Preferences, General, Keep All Steps Active In Edit List. Is it checked? If it's not, editing earlier steps will temporarily disable later steps. (But even then, it's only temporary.) Try checking that if it's not already.

I don't really get #1, but something similar may be happening, since picture controls would be edited earlier than any crop is applied which could *temporarily* affect a later crop.

(Of course, most here are going to tell you to get rid of NX2 and use Lightroom.)

I just wanted to add a word of warning on "Keep All Steps Active."  Capture will use a lot more resources when you select this option.  i leave it checked on my pc and have no problems but that is a nice pc.  my laptop will come to a screaming halt if i try to keep all steps active so i do not use the option there.

The crop layer is still there.  if you make a change to your camera settings after you have applied an edit you just have to your edit list and click on each of the layers to show them again.  silly and frustrating but you get used to it or learn to work in the order capture wants you to.

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