The Q and the fire juggler

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The Q and the fire juggler

Here the Q (or more probably I) was clearly at its (my) limits. So don't look out for ultra sharp, noise free images. I tried to capture the atmosphere of this fire juggler I saw two days ago, and I think one or two shots of the following may have succeeded.

I tried a lot of different ISOs (up to 3.200), apertures and shutter speeds (up to 1s) with the Q. It was mounted on a small tripod, and I used a wireless remote to trigger the shutter. All shot in RAW with the 01 prime.

PP note: The harsh contrast of the fire against the night background produced all sort of unwanted flares and color hues to appear in the pictures. To concentrate more on the juggler and his actions I decided to mute those unwanted colors by applying some bleach bypass processing to all of them.

Here we go!

Starting off:


Full circle:

Around the head:

Writing mystical fire signs in the air:

Slowing down:

And finally preparing ...

... for the final figure:

The end:

Hope you enjoyed the show - in spite of the technical challenges!


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