Fuji XE-1 post processing

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Re: Capture 1

Keit ll wrote:

I would be interested to know precisely what people find awkward or unacceptable with Silkypix ? I am not questioning the validity of this judgement as I last used SP several years ago but don't all converters require a learning curve before they become second nature ?

I tend to use a secondary processing program to backup any RAW converter but I know that some prefer to do all their editing in the one converter.

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Keith C

I also read the linked tutorial when I looked at Silky Pix. I not only found it simple to use but actually liked using it.

Its downfall is I like to shoot at night and its highlight tool is weak. Not to mention no DAM. Surprisingly, I went back to Aperture after using LR for 2 years. I prefer its renders, its DAM and its usability. Though I do miss LR's highlight tool. My kudos for those who like LR's "ease of use".

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