4 months experience, I think I'm hot. Take me down a peg! (C&C.)

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Re: 4 months experience, I think I'm hot. Take me down a peg! (C&C.)

Blackbane wrote:

So 4 months ago, I touched a DSLR.
Now I am seriously considering doing this as a business. Most of the "pros" around here would do better to instagram their shots.

I've gotten a few people buying my photos, but it feels weird calling myself a photographer, and actually thinking of charging money for what I do for fun. I love the results I get, but I would really appreciate some feedback. Most people are being overcharged for poor quality photos where I'm at, so if you guys help me tighten up my game, you will be helping people get better value for their money!

*EDIT* duhh here is the Flikr Account.

Thanks everyone, and don't pull any punches! Solid ways to improve what I'm doing, what I should be focusing/watching for, editing mistakes.... Lets nip any poor form in the butt now before it's a bad habit later!

My only hope is that I am doing better than instagram and a smart phone!
All photos done in Lightroom 3, no Photoshop. 
I spend about 2-3 hours a day watching videos, reading articles, and I get out at least once a week for a few hours to play around.


I like what you've posted. I am not a "pro" by any means but I do believe that you have a talent so keep shooting and if people are willing to pay for your pictures ity means they like them, so what else do nyou need to know. Many "pros" are veru conservative and will probably find many mistakes in your photos but the person with a valet is a best judge!

I could only suggest adding some variety to your gallery with images of people and something light and "airy" to bring up the mood.

Good job!

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