Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

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Re: Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

Is it just a simple matter of there being more people "taking photos" and less people "being into photography"?

I don't mean that in a derogatory sense, but more the fact that some people take and share photos all the time, almost as part of their daily activities. Whereas the number of people who dedicate time to doing nothing but taking photographs, may not be increasing.

I know if I'm out and about, I might snap an occasional shot with my phone. But if I really want to take some pictures, then my DSLR is used. Smartphones have put the snapshot ability into the hands of every person with a phone... this is a radical change from how people have been exposed to cameras in the past. No longer is it necessarily a dedicated expensive purchase option, it's just there in the pocket, whenever you need it.

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