frequently do you guys use them?

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Re: frequently do you guys use them?

GreenMountainGirl wrote:

Daisy AU wrote:

If you are going to buy filters, you can get the biggest size according to what lenses you currently own (and which lenses you intend to purchase in the future), and then use step-down rings to be able to use the one filter with all your other lenses. Most of my filters are either 67 or 77.

I see a problem with this method.  Using a lens hood will not be possible when using a filter larger than the lens.

Yes, this is a problem because using a filter will increase the chances of flare so all the more reason to use the hood.

OP have said that a hood is not important when using a CPL, but sometimes after adjusting the filter, I snap the lens hood back on before shooting.

This is how I always use a CPL.

The only filter I have that I'll use a step-down ring with is a variable ND; it's something I'll use very rarely, and when I do I know it's going to be tripod mounted.  I'll use my hand or hat to shade the lens to keep flare away.

For me, the lens hood is protective when using the camera, the lens cap is protective when storing the camera, so UV filters are only useful in dirty conditions, especially with wind.

I own UV filters, seldom use them; CPLs, use them when needed (reflective surfaces, bright sun, skies); grad ND, for sunrise/sunset pictures.

Advice given to me:  don't buy equipment of any kind until you know you need it and will use it.  Photography can be a "money pit" and purchasing filters, lenses, etc. because they sound good is a pathway to having a closet full of items you never use!

That's great advice


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