Why mirrorless over dslr?

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My list.....

MILC cameras

  • PRO - smaller, lighter, much easier to carry
  • PRO - IQ as good, or almost as good as DSLRs
  • PRO - unobtrusive, can carry into most venues
  • PRO - great for street shooters
  • PRO - great for travelers
  • PRO - great for hikers, bikers, and backpackers
  • PRO - EVF will show what sensor sees
  • PRO - generally better video for low end and midrange models
  • CON - can cost more
  • CON - in many cases EVF costs more or doesn't exist
  • CON - not many specialty lenses (T/S, macro or ultra wide or ultra telephoto)
  • CON - not a good choice for sports and action photography
  • CON - not many high grade weather-sealed gear options
  • CON - harder to find in retail shops


  • PRO - absolute best image quality from the best DSLRs
  • PRO - often will cost less at entry level and midrange
  • PRO - wide selection of weather sealed cameras and lenses
  • PRO - great for sports and action photography
  • PRO - great for folks who prefer OVF
  • PRO - more impressive for clients... you get to look "professional"
  • PRO - works best for event photography (i.e. weddings)
  • PRO - every lens you could possibly want is available
  • PRO - works well for studio work
  • CON - your camera bag could weigh a ton
  • CON - draws a lot of attention, makes subjects self conscious
  • CON - sometimes banned from some sports and concert venues
  • CON - you will need a good tripod, and it pays to carry it with you
  • CON - not very convenient for street shooters and travelers
  • CON - not a good choice for candid photography
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