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Thanks for the constructive comments!

Mattoid wrote:

Thanks for uploading the pictures.

I'm probably going to get the GR and its always good to see more examples of the quality it can provide.

It looks like a nice area you are in. Very quiet.

Almost seems too quiet.

The playground shot looks a little overdone in the processing for my tastes. Was that an in-camera filter effect?
Maybe black and white would work for the empty playgrounds, you could manufacture a sense of lonelyness with maybe the apartments in the background.

I noticed some pretty extensive looking roots in the bottom left of the exercise corner shot. Maybe that may be worth further study if you happen to be in the area again.

The curry wrapper shot is disgusting, but I guess it's supposed to be, and it shows the close up capability of the camera well.

The flower shots look nice, with good colour, good focus and pleasing bokeh, but flowers don't interest me much personally.

The model teradactal or whatever it is doesn't really interest me either. It kind of looks like it has just been arbitrarily plonked there. I guess its probably there for to be intriguing to young kids.

I hope you get better soon if you're not better already and keep on shooting and looking for interesting subjects.

Thanks Mattoid! Yes the part I am staying is a quiet area with not much human traffic.

The playground shot was taken using the custom image setting with +1 contrast and +1 saturation, wasn't processed much except for exposure adjustment in LR.  May dial down on the contrast setting.  Black and white for this shot is a good suggestion, will definitely try it out next time.

Ah yes, the curry wrapper shot is just to show off the close up capability of the GR.  I am really impressed by how sharp the ants look after i zoom in 100%.  The GR lens is really sharp.

I don't take flower shots often, just want to test to see if the GR render red as poorly as others said.  I personally feels the red looks fine to me.

Thanks for the well wishes! I have almost back to full health after a weekend of rest and medication.  Looking forward to shooting more with the GR.

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