Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

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Re: Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

Richard wrote:

Cyril Catt wrote:

But whether, in 150 years, my great-great-grandchildren will be able to look at images of me, as I am currently able to look at images of my great-great-grandparents from 150 years ago, remains a question. Cyril

I think it will be better. Image standards like gif and jpg will never go away. We still have slide view projectors right now.

Richard, I am less optimistic than you. Sure, the standards may continue, but they are likely to be superseded by new ones, and as that happens, the software to read files in those formats may be less easy to find or use. How many slide projectors are being manufactured today? And how many are being sent to the dump?

I think all your images of you and your family will fit onto one memory card. You will have 3 duplicates that will cost you less than a photo album. If the images degrade, a computer will be able to take the data from all 3 and retrieve all the information.

But how long will images last on a memory card? How long will SD, SDHC, etc. be standards? If I send you a 5.25" floppy disk, or even a 3.5" one, could you read it?

You may have 1 or two pictures that have lasted from 150 years ago, your great great grandchildren will be able to see video and thousands of pictures. How many pictures from 150 years ago have we lost due to light/water/air damage and loss. I think that digital photography will lose far fewer, only those without backups will suffer catastrophic loss.

I believe right now, I have every picture I have taken from my first digital camera, a casio point and shoot all the way until now, backed up across 4 computers, then 3 more on sibling and parent computers that are in a different location. I have external hard drive backups of each. Each time I get a new computer. I dump all the images to the new computer and because hard drive space continues to increase the new computer does not even feel it.

Yes, I have similar distributed archives. But their continued existence will depend on people continuing to rearchive them as technology changes. Will all my descendants be as diligent about retaining pictures of someone they never knew? I think there may be a better chance of pictures printed with archival materials, and kept in archival conditions, surviving for 150 years than there will be for digital files to be faithfully copied as technology changes, because people are fallible.

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