Is an SX50 worth buying for a DSLR shooter?

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Re: Is an SX50 worth buying for a DSLR shooter?

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I can't stand point and shoots anymore, the image quality is generally terrible. I shoot RAW with DSLRs. But the zoom length generally tops off at 200 or 250mm, pretty short. Is the SX50 worth it (as opposed to spending thousands on lenses that would probably get distorted in the atmosphere anyway)? At least it can shoot RAW and will get DSLR-style shallow depth of field because of zoom lengths.

Don't do it.

I needed a less bulky camera with an extreme zoom for long distance shooting and I was torn between the Sony HX300 and the SX50. I already own a HX100 and the results are quite good, the optical zoom is 30x only though. After reading a couple of reviews and reading mixed reviews about the HX300 (which I would have preferred because the HX100 was really not bad) but pretty much the same reviews about the SX50, I decided to get the Canon.

What a mistake. The SX50 is bad and I mean really bad. The zoom capability of course is amazing but the quality and look of the photos is sub-par, even compared to cheaper P&S cameras. I really don't understand how the SX50 got so many rave reviews because I just don't see it.

I usually shoot with a Canon EOS 1 MkIV and I use a Sony RX1 as a smaller P&S, both satisfy all my needs just perfectly. For everything else, I usually use a NEX-6 with a 18-200 zomm. The SX50 however sucks big time, the quality is just not usable (not sharp at any zoom length, lots of jpeg artifacts, high ISO shots over 800 are practically impossible, camera is focuses slow)

Not sure what to do now. I kept the SX50 too long, so I cannot return it, I guess I have to sell it on eBay or to let my kids play with it. *LOL* I am thinking of giving the HX300 a shot but I really hate it to buy a camera and return it. I usually keep my things, I run a business myself and I really hate it when people return merchandise, so I avoid doing it with other businesses. Returned merchandise is always a pain in the a.. for the dealer.

Stay away from the SX50, as a DSLR user, you won't be happy with it.
Better choice (not quite the zoom range though): Get a Sony NEX6 with the 18-200 zoom, the photo quality is really good, the camera is fast and it is the best thing to have between a DSLR and a P&S. I wish it would be less bulky and less expensive but I use the NEX6 for quite some while now, I just have hoped that the SX50 may actually give me something with the additional zoom range. It didn't.

Please don't get me wrong, I love Canon, otherwise I wouldn't have the EOS 1 MkIV but the SX50 just doesn't cut it for me.

Thanks, glad I read this. Definitely sell it on ebay asap as it will drop in price around xmas time.

I have a powershot elph 110 and it blows. The images are very soft and they have this weird effect zoomed in because of all the noise reduction. Well I hacked it to let it save RAW files and omg.. iso 800 the noise was ridiculous. I actually commend the camera for producing such clean pictures after the noise reduction because the RAWs were beyond terrible. And the distortion OMG, I took a picture of my monitor and it bent so much in the middle.

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