Help me decide which photo to enter in the AV Fair Photograph Exibit

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Re: Help me decide which photo to enter in the AV Fair Photograph Exibit

I like the first more than the second, but the question is which one has a better chance to win?  The style of retouching that you used on the second photo is a style I've seen numerous times.  Because of that, it wouldn't get high marks from me in terms of creativity although I think you applied the effect well.  However, for anyone who hasn't seen that effect before, it definitely has an initial "wow" factor.  For that reason, I'm leaning toward the second photo as having the best chance to win.

There's another reason why I favor the second for the competition.  I went to a local art fair a couple weeks ago.  Nature photography (animals, landscapes, etc.) was very strongly represented at the fair.  No surprise there.  On the other hand, there were a couple photographers who had done some significant retouching work on their photos.  I know it's a small sample size, but the retouching work I saw was very poor.   Your competition could be different, but I don't think it's unreasonable to expect stiffer competition for the first photo.

If you decide to enter the second photo, I have a suggestion.  Darken the background.   That will enhance the mood and make the tiger pop even more.  Maybe add some green, leafy shapes on the sides for framing and to give it more of a jungle feel.  Since the background is blurred, it wouldn't require any fancy editing.  Just paint in some fuzzy shapes.

Best of luck with the competition,


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