My NEX-6 sensor is dirty?

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Re: No problem, just clean it. Here's how

wb2trf wrote:

Riquez wrote:

You really should NOT use the lenspen brush end on your sensor. But its OK to use the flat wand tip.

What's your source for this claim? I don't think there is any problem with the brush, unless there is some information I'm not aware of.

LensPen/DigiKlear™ - This technique has been seen being used by Canon Techs, although it isn't their official policy. Due to the fact that the LensPen can't be cleaned, it should be disposed of and replaced on a regular basis.

  1. Clean the Low Pass Filter with a foot or hand blower.
  2. Wrap a dry kimwipe or Pec*Pad™ in a pair of tweezers making sure the wrapped product sticks out much farther than the tweezers tip.
  3. Wipe the Low Pass Filter clean with the wrapped tweezers. This is more of a brushing than a rubbing exercise, do not put any force from the tweezers onto the Low Pass Filter.
  4. Polish off the Low Pass Filter with the pad end of the LensPen NOT the brush end.


The website quoted above is run & maintained by camera technicians who work or worked at various big brand manufacturers & are experts in cleaning & maintaining cameras. So its probably the best advice you can hope to get.

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