Is this red cloth thing a real proble of GR?

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Re: Is this red cloth thing a real proble of GR?

photoreddi wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

cptrios wrote:

Ugh, this again? Interestingly, I've never actually looked at the JPEGs in this comparison...and they're an even more extreme example of my original conclusion. Yeah, the Ricoh doesn't seem to differentiate much between the light red and dark red on the cloth - but the level of detail in the cloth itself is much, much better than on the A. The A's detail is totally fuzzed out. It's almost as though Ricoh overcorrected for the tendency of pretty much every digital camera I've ever used to saturate reds way too much.

The GR had a serious "flogging" for its "reds" when there was only a few in captivity. Now that "everyone" has one the problem seems to have gone away.

Wasn't it primarily a problem for Adobe software users that went away* when better support was finally added for the GR?

FWIW, that wasn't the same thing. That was just a fairly gross mis-representation of the COLOR red under certain circumstances using Ricoh's "embedded" color profile before there was an available (or until we figured out how to install) ACR updated profile. It didn't show up with fairly small amounts of not all that bright red, but with a lot of bright red, it was pretty bad. My example shots that showed me the problem were a basket of bright orange peppers and another of bright red tomatoes - these came through horribly dull and washed out compared with the jpegs and corrected raw shots.

This red detail thing is something entirely different. I never saw it, but I also never looked for it (the detail in fabrics has never been the kind of thing I care about in my shooting) and it wouldn't tend to show up in a shot of peppers or tomatoes where the color was so off. So I don't know anything about how valid it is or isn't, what the cause may or may not be, etc. but I do know its NOT the same thing that was identified when using the un-fixed color profile in the early days.



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