Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

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Re: Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

There are probably many different "individual's" reasons for camera sales dropping.  Many of my friends use their phones more because the use is more "intuitive" and they get features they want.  I, for one, have a lot of money in my pocket that I wanted to spend on more frequent camera purchases, but I could get the features I wanted.  Phone companies aggressively chase competition with latest innovation.  I feel the camera companies tend more to re-package the same things with slight change in shape and minor upgrades.  I have tried to contact one company a few times regarding desired features or concerns, but got pretty much a wall in the face.  I will still spend more and upgrade more frequently when I get REAL upgrades as opposed to new technology being slowly metered out over time.  Yes, I think camera companies are to blame for holding back and sitting on new tech instead of offering it right away like phone companies do.  Just my two cents.

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