Is there a way to get clean JPGs in camera?

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Is there a way to get clean JPGs in camera?

I'm new to DSLRs, having only had point-n-shoots, mostly from Canon, so I was never really critical of the JPGs because there was not anything better. But blow a grand on a DSLR and I expect that the JPGs are going to blow my mind. And I was sorely disappointed.

The camera in question is the Panasonic GH2. (silver award with 79%)

In particular, I started to notice odd colors in photos of my son with red hair. Then I looked closely at skin tones and see red and greenish blotches which I attributed to JPEG compression. 
Being completely new to RAW, I tried a few photos with the kids playing in the back yard. Using both JPH High and RAW. Then I took some time to figure out what I had and what I could do with it. After tweaking the images a bit in Photoshop RAW (which apparently enables me to open and process the photo a bit before Photoshop gets it) I saved a JPG from the RAW and compared it to the JPG from the camera.

I was blown away. the JPEG from RAW was stunning. The JPG from the camera was clearly not as good. So I ask, are all DSLR cameras this way? Is all in-camera JPG compression so crappy? Or is it just this model, or just Panasonic, or just Micro4/3? I mean, there are cheaper and more expensive models from every manufacturer, so I can't imagine it's a price thing.

I do not do Photography professionally. Just video. So the reason I got the GH2 was that it's a good vDSLR _and_ I get a great camera for family photos.... or so I thought. Help a newbie out here?


Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2
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