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SushiEater wrote:

Actually the scene is very challenging. The sun is setting and there is no repeat.

I don't see that's is that challenging.  There is a clear horizontal line there and sky is not that bright as sun was not even part of scene.  It can do much better by just using 10-stop Bigstopper Lee ND filter and shoot at ISO 100 (not 50), no GND even needed - water will be even more misty, front dark areas will be cleaner with more details as you'd expose on the front subject (the brightest area in low 80% of scene that green-grass area) while sky still can be recovered and will look more pleasing after 10-stop ND.

If you ever taken a picture of the sunset it is very easy to blow the sky and the sun. If you expose for the sun you end up with black silhouette of everything else. I wanted to have the sky, the foreground rocks, slow water and the seaweeds all in one picture in the limited amount of time I had.

So schmuck please show us your results in the similar situation.

If you truly believe your photos are top of world, check these similar samples that used Singh-Ray Reverse GND that is dedicated for sunrise/sunset on horizontal scenes. See what kind of details, sharpness and natural color tonality should be, that something I don't see at similar level in your sample.

If I wanted critique on my photo I would ask for it, but I didn't. I only posted this photo because I wanted to show that D800 can recover nicely from difficult situation and 5D3 can't.

Nobody disputed D800 can recover a severely unexposed photo better. The only problem is that why you should do that way (extreme ETTL) as it will not generate best IQ photos. Serious D800 landscape photographers also use filters and very care of shooting technique that applied to all brands.

Would you like me to show you the test between D800 and 5D3 I made to show how much better D800 is compared to 5D3? I will even include RAW files. Warning it will embarrass you, though I think to you black is white and white is black.

Someone did very scientific well controlled test. You can download RAW files, processed on your own and compare yourself. You can go there and post your opinion (I did both).

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