My NEX-6 sensor is dirty?

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Re: No problem, just clean it. Here's how

wb2trf wrote:

If the blower doesn't work there is a product called "lenspen" that is very good for more stubborn dirt. It comes with a brush and a carbon wand absorber. First you brush, then you use the carbon wand. This works very well.

You really should NOT use the lenspen brush end on your sensor. But its OK to use the flat wand tip.

There are various "lenspen" models, one is 'sensorklear' specifically for the sensor, but the regular lenspen (for lenses) has the same wand tip - so its ok to use for sensor.

To clean sensor:

a) first use rocket blower only - it may be enough to blow out the dust & you never need to touch the sensor at all.

b) If that doesnt not work, use a dry cleaning method such as lens pen.

c) if that does not work, use a wet cleaning method such as Sterile wipe or special cleaning kit.

LensPen method

1) On your NEX menu settings put the camera into cleaning mode. Turn off camera as prompted.

2) Remove lens & hold the camera so that the sensor is vertical or facing down (its better to avoid having the sensor facing up so more dust can get in)

3) Use the wand tip to clean the sensor, don't press hard, but just some light pressure to clean it is ok. Dont use the brush end because it can transfer particles from around the sensor & its not a soft brush, its a bit 'scratchy'.

4) Use a rocket blower (hand held squeezy bulb type) to blow out any remaining dust or carbon - again, hold the camera with the sensor facing down so any dust can fall out.

5) Replace lens. You're done.

Check the results by taking a photo at f22 of white computer screen (make a blank text doc). Slow shutter is fine, wiggle the camera a little when you take the shot as this will ensure any spots you see are sensor spots & not spots on your computer screen. You can adjust the levels/contrast of the image to help show up any remaining dust. Some minor faint spots can be left alone as acceptable, you will never see them in real photos.

If you need to resort to wet cleaning then you are best to get a special kit. But you can do a DIY method:

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