Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

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Re: Camera companies and software vendors own fault

I think smart phone users will remain smart phlone usersr because they simply dont need anything else. It suits their needs.

Of course the pro and advanced amature will continue to be interested in higher end cameras... just as they always have in the past. But I used my last film camera for 15 years... and I will continue to only purchase new equipment when major advances are  made.

Many of the major advances that should be here already... arent. Eliminating the vibrating mirror... eliminating the vibrating mechanical shutter... eliminating the AA "blur" filter... will ALL have to occur to get my business. There are a lot of camera companies around... one of them will step up to the plate and make better cameras. Maybe one of the big companies or maybe a smaller more nimble company.

The bigger problem is... it looks like some of the camera companies are hooked on explosive growth and can no longer exist on slower growth.

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