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I went there once. Most animals in Santa Cruz island and North Seymour island are not afraid of humans (I do not know about other islands of Galapagos). You can walk right up to them and they don't care.

On the other islands they also don't care, but you must stay on designated trails, so unless they are right on the trail (and sometimes they are) you will have to shoot them wherever they are.

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You have very nice photos of Galapagos. Nice job.

Yes you are right that you have to stay on trails. But in North Seymour, we saw so many birds that had nested right next to our trail. Needless to say, if you have a 70-200 lens, you can take far better pictures of the birds.

Great pictures. I want to go there too now. Would only 70-200mm be enough? I have 100-400 but it gets heavy after few hours...

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Thanks.  Longer is better with animals always.  You will regret not having longer than 200mm I think and I was really glad I picked up the 2x just a few days before my first trip.

You will shoot for a 2-4 hours in the morning and the same in the late afternoon, so get in photography shape, hahaha.  It's worth it.

Sometimes you will shoot from a boat where you really will need more because you are not getting close.  Sometimes the animals do not cooperate and are not close to the path and you will miss stuff that is "happening".  Sometimes you will have a chance to swim/snorkel and I highly recommend doing that because you will swim/play with sea lions, see sea turtles, rays, sharks, fish and lots of other stuff.  I love the Galapagos.

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